The Verve

Simon Jones

Full name: Simon Robin David Jones

Date of birth: 28 May 1972

Place of birth: Wigan, England


Simon Jones and The Verve

Simon became one of the four founders of The Verve in 1989. He was with the band from the very beginning and can rightfully claim his share in the magical music of The Verve.

The main role of Simon Jones has been known as bass guitar tracks, the best examples of which can be fount at the beginning of songs like "Slide Away" and "Life's An Ocean".

In no musical aspects Simon is another member of The Verve besides Richart Ashcroft who tends to speak publicly.

His tense relationship with Ashcroft are also believed to be the reason of the last break-up of te band in 2009.


Other musical projects

After the third break-up of The Verve in 1999, Simon Jones together with former The Verve band mate Simon Tong participated in the project "The Shining". The band would release just one album in 2002 called "True Skies".

This was not the only "after Verve" project of Simon.

In 2003 Jones was the recording bassist for "Howie Day" on their second album.

Since 2004 Jones has been an official member of the backing band for Cathy Davey.

However his most interesting collaboration was his performance with "Gorrilaz" at "Manchester International Festival" in November 2005. And again alongside Simon Tong.

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