The Verve

Peter Salisbury

Full name: Peter Salisbury

Date of birth: 24 September 1971

Place of birth: Bath, England


Peter Salisbury and The Verve

It is commonly known that a drummer is the most "sober" member of a rock band. In respect to The Verve it could just be right. In relative way naturally.

Anyway Salisbury is believed to be the one who ultimately brought The Verve together in 2007. Just to remind you - the band came together to produce probably the best pshychedelic album of all history of music. And only thanks to that (but not only for this reason of course) Peter Salisbury reserved himself a special place in the music history.


Other musical projects

After the break-up of The Verve in 1999, Salisbury played with "Black Rebel Motorcycle Club". He also played drums on the first three of Richard Ashcroft's solo albums and this was his most notable musical contribution away from The Verve. Currently Peter is performing with "The Charlatans".

Except musical activities Salisbury owns and runs a drum shop, "Drummin", in Stockport, England.

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