The Verve

Welcome the magical world of The Verve! This website is a tribute to one of the most controvercial, underrated and yet influential rock bands in the history of modern rock.


If you are just getting to know The Verve, this website is the right place for you to start exploring. But it is important to realise that the music you are going to hear online is just a fade shadow of the esoteric sound of The Verve.

If you are already in love with The Verve, this website is also the place for you to be - here you can find all the essential information about The Verve sorted and categorised. For example, we have all videos and lyrics. And of course, official discography, information, photos and more. And more to come.

what exactly is more?

for examples, guitar tabs, B-side tracks, polls and forums... as soon as we get enough traffic.


The goal of this website to provide you with information about The Verve. But also to make the world aware of these masters of pschychedelic rock. And (our very secret goal) to desperately try to contribute to bringing them together again... if it is possible at all.


And our personal message to you... enjoy! Not only this website, your life...

Next to come: TABS
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Verve EP
A Storm in Heaven
No Come Down
A Northern Soul
Urban Hymns
This is music: The Singles 92-98
Richard Ashcroft
Nick McCabe
Simon Jones
Peter Salisbury
Simon Tong